WEBOCARD is a club for loyal customers to loyal traders. The program gives the opportunity to customers, received a WEBOCARD card after a purchase from an online store, to use discounts in all shops participating in the program.

The card offers the opportunity for discounts at shops of merchants participating in the WEBOCARD program, guaranteeing that they comply with all requirements of the program and all regulations for online shopping.

Each customer, who has made a successful purchase at one of the participating in the program shops and received a WEBOCARD card. After successfully activating the card, the customer can take advantage of discounts offered by all WEBOCARD traders.

You can get a card after a successful online order at one of the shops, working with webocard. To join the club and take advantage of the special offers, simply choose one of the shops on focus in the section TRENDING of the webiste, and your card will be delivered with your first order.

WEBOCARD Card – Statuses / Term of Validity / Lost Card

To start using the card, once you get it, you first need to activate it on the Activate a Card page. After successful activation, you will be able to use it in all shops participating in the program. The WEBOCARD card always works in combination with the E-mail address used to activate the card.

For WEBOCARD to work, the E-mail account that you have activated the card with have to match the E-mail you use to place the order in the online shop. If these E-mails are different your card will not work, and you will get no WEBOCARD discount for that order.

If you are not sure whether your card is activated or not, or you want to check the status of your card, you can use the Card Status form on the WEBOCARD website - Card Verifications.

You can recall the E-mail address associated with your card using the Associated E-mail form on the WEBOCARD website - Card Verifications.

The WEBOCARD card has no validity term. The card is valid until the program exists. Cardholders may terminate the use of the card at any time, not bound by any minimum or maxumim use of it, and do not need to take any actions in order to discontinue using the card.

If you have lost your card, you can restore the card number using the Lost Card form on the WEBOCARD website - Card Verifications. After submitting the E-mail address associated with your card, you will receive a message with the card number on the same E-mail address.

Your card can be canceled or temporarily deactivated in cases where card abuse, including fake orders in certain shops and other malicious activities, has been determined. If you believe that your card has been canceled/deactivated improperly, please, contact us at customers@webocard.com.

Shops and Discounts

All retailers and shops participating in the WEBOCARD program can be found on the WEBOCARD website www.webocard.com. You can use the Shops Catalogue to find all shops that deliver to selected country.

The amount of discount, the terms and condition for shopping are determined individually by each retailer participating in the program. Information about the WEBOCARD discount can be found on the online shop and on the Shops Catalogue page.

Products, conditions and discounts for each online shop is set individually by each trader. Complete information about which products you can buy at a discount is available on the online shop itself.

If you find a trader that does not fulfil the requirements for WEBOCARD standard, does not follow good business practices or is disloyal to their customers, you can tell us by sending a message to customers@webocard.com.

Enquiry about the program

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